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St James Theatre refurbishment

 In 2018 The St James Theatre was closed for earthquake strengthening.

As part of the refurbishment. It was agreed that a repaint of the theatre was also due. 

Working closely with the conservator, and architect, a plan to update the theatre colour palette was made. Whilst linking it to the historical plasterwork baroque- Rococo design, inspiration was drawn from the original newspaper article from the opening of the theatre in 1912. Many paint effects including faux marble were employed. With a team of 5 ( on and off) over 18 months the artistic paintwork, and effects were completed.

Some new plasterwork intended ( but for reasons unknown never completed at the time) by the original architect Henri Eli White was made, and installed above the proscenium arch.

Wellington Opera House

In January 2015 the Wellington Opera House was partially refurbished and repainted. The exterior of the building, and all the entrance ceilings, walls etc. were painted. But only the boxes, and proscenium arch were painted in the auditorium. Working closely with the architect, a new colour palette, mirror etching, and stencils were designed for the Opera House (echoing the historic, with a contemporary narrative)  A team of 5 plus completed artistic effects to the painted areas. The result was award winning.

Hawke's Bay Opera House

Designs for the ceiling  artwork at Hawke's Bay Opera House started in 2004 The building was closed for refurbishment, and the artwork took place over 6 weeks with up to 5 artists in 2005. The building was re-opened in 2006. The concept for painted ceiling, carpet, and glass work involved 4 bands of colour/fabric that flowed through the building starting above the proscenium arch. The figures in the dome represent the same as the colour bands. Green for Drama, Blue for Music, Yellow for Dance, and Red for Community. The carpet design was printed in Belgium. The scheme gained several awards.

In 2016 the building was again closed for earthquake strengthening. During the four year period, the theatre suffered a fire, and a flood. Sadly the plasterwork on the ceiling did not survive, and the ceiling was painted back to white. Only the proscenium arch has the remainder of the intended design. The carpet/glasswork is still in place 

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